Lost Divinity…



There was something intriguingly interesting about seeing decapitated idols lying deserted by the road side in middle of no where. May be because of the contrasting reverence, purity, respect and divinity they are otherwise dealt with in the society. So I decided to do a small photo story on one such place I came across on one of my daily explorations._MG_8907


It shows that an object is an object, dead and still. And through faith we can give whatever meaning we want to it, for as long as we want to. And for the chosen time the object can be the symbolic representation of a supreme power. But it was an will be a dead object.


Seeing idols in this condition, for me,  is representative of the inevitable transition in the symbolic values of all objects and things._MG_9191_MG_9189


One thought on “Lost Divinity…

  1. These idols show how the human race has and will always be about perfection, if someone’s not perfect by society’s standards, they are discarded – humans or gods we don’t care!
    The science enthusiast in me calls it “Evolution” – survival of the fittest 🙂
    With busy and stressful schedules, only a few people go on local explorations, fewer stop to observe, and even fewer observe and think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your explorations.

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